‘Chicago Fire’ & ‘SVU’ Creator Confident of Renewals, Boston Marathon Storyline “Tough” on ‘Chicago Fire’

‘Chicago Fire’ & ‘SVU’ Creator Confident of Renewals, Boston Marathon Storyline “Tough” on ‘Chicago Fire’
April 22, 2013
Janice Daniels

Law & Order franchise creator Dick Wolf should be optimistic for a second season of Chicago Fire, ratings alone suggest the series will come back a second season. Wolf stated at NBC’s Summer Press Day today, “We even know what the first episode of the third season is. We are definitely looking at the remainder of this season as a jumping-off point for next season.”

Wolf spoke highly of the current first season of his new drama, “There haven’t been many fires this season. It’s been an incredibly positive experience from the network to the studio to the cast and everything in-between. Hopefully this show is coming back and hopefully it will be growing and doing better next year.”

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Wolf also responded to a question about a storyline on the Boston Marathon bombing, “Dealing with terrorism is very very tough, that’s all I’m gonna say,” Wolf said, adding, “The last thing we want to do is exploit a tragedy that is so specific that it would be difficult.”

Wolf also hopes Law & Order: SVU will return for a 15th season, its ratings, meek at times this season, suggest that it should (maybe even being labeled its final season – but I won’t speculate), but cast lead Mariska Hargitay has yet to sign her contract for next season – which is common knowledge – despite how show runner Warren Leight wants to play the truth off on Twitter (we do our ratings research Mr. Leight; ratings info from TV by the Numbers).

If you’re like SVU’s Leight and need more evidence, go visit Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter for more, and watch NBC’s Chicago Fire, Wednesdays 10/9c!


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