Wendy Williams to Guest Star in Chris Brown-Rihanna Inspired ‘SVU’ Episode

Wendy Williams to Guest Star in Chris Brown-Rihanna Inspired ‘SVU’ Episode
February 4, 2013
Mark Witt-Daniels
small-chrisbrown-wendywilliams-2012-320Examiner broke this only minutes ago and it seems NBC’s Law & Order: SVU continues to push envelopes this 14th season — perhaps too many.
Amidst this “Mike Tyson scandal“, SVU now is casting talk-show host Wendy Williams – in an untitled episode at the moment/TBA air date – as herself, but here’s the kicker; she’s interviewing someone who will be channeling singer/rapper Chris Brown (temper and all it’s safe to assume).
Williams (who has appeared on Dancing With The Stars and starred in Think Like a Man) said of her role in the episode “I’m sitting there interviewing this Chris Brown type,” Williams is also to interview a woman similar to Rihanna in a separate scene. “Thank you “Law & Order.” I really had a lot of fun over there,” Williams shared Monday.
I know Chris Brown and singer Rihanna (mostly Brown) have been in “the headlines”, especially the past four years.
Apparently SVU is doing this to keep/reel viewers in because of the Mike Tyson casting drama – which could have been avoided if the producers had intervened and listened to their loyal viewers of 14 years, or NBC just stepped in and pulled the episode all together (set to air Wednesday against the highly-anticipated Thomas Gibson-directed episode of Criminal Minds on CBS).
Frankly I do not approve of the show ripping their drama for an episode’s plotlines (desperate much?), the singers have had a rocky couple of years, the last thing they need is for Law & Order: SVU to remind the public about what has been continuously splashed in the media/online the past four years — these two (especially Brown) can’t even get a break from NBC prime time’s SVU. I predict SVU’s produers will claim it’s to “understand and raise awareness about wife-beaters and abusers with short fuses” or something along those lines. Excuses excuses.

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