‘Law & Order: SVU’ MEGA Scoop: Mike Tyson Petition Hits 10,000, Tyson Fires Back, NBC Moves Episode, and Meek Petition Against Showrunner Warren Leight

‘Law & Order: SVU’ MEGA Scoop: Mike Tyson Petition Hits 10,000, Tyson Fires Back, NBC Moves Episode, and Meek Petition Against Showrunner Warren Leight
January 31, 2013
Janice Daniels

svu-harigtay-leight-tysonBecause so much has gone on with NBC’s long-running Law & Order: SVU (within the past 48-72 hours), which is now surrounded by controversy, we’re going to use bullets to explain what has gone on, because it’s so much and I will be rambling if I go through it piece by piece. The bullets below aren’t in any specific order.

  • Mike Tyson in his TV Guide interview on his SVU episode titled “Monster’s Legacy” (guess SVU-ers are calling him Monster Mike):
    • [But] I didn’t rape nobody or do anything like that, and this lady wasn’t there to know if I did or not. I don’t trip on that stuff. I’m not trying to get rich and famous; I’m just trying to feed my family. Why should they care? Since I’m clean and sober five years, I haven’t broken any laws or did any crimes. I’m just trying to live my life.
Yeah, the people are asking Tyson not to do ONE TV series, not stay off television in general. I think people respect his right to “live his life” and “feed his family” — it’s just Law & Order: Special Victims Unit people are asking him to step away from — and Tyson should respect that as much as the SVU team should as well.

It is a meek petition with only 43 signatures as of now. People said Ms. Kaveney’s petition wouldn’t go anywhere… anyone still saying that now (see below)? One petitioner, an April Cohen of Atlanta, Georgia; said of the Tyson casting and show runner Leight,

  • I loved watching L&O: SVU for Rollins AKA Kelli Giddish. But after I learned this about Mike Tyson, I feel so bad. Not even Kelli can keep me tuned into the show now. I hate it, the producers aren’t even making an attempt to do anything about this either, despite upset throughout the fan base. Warren Leight can turn a blind eye if he wants to, something’ll come back and poke him in it.
And Leight has been seen tweeting to followers with a smile; “people are free to vent, for better or worse my job is secure.” I bet The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara thought that too — and TWD isn’t under any kind of scandal. SVU viewers are going to have to petition hard to get Leight off, I don’t see him stepping down on his own.
If Law & Order: SVU isn’t in a s-[explicit] hole now. All the series in the Law & Order franchise have been surrounded by controversy, but mostly for the episodes, their content, and plots, plus the “ripped-from-the-headline of the week” — NEVER for the guest stars, talk about a Law & Order first, huh?
Hit us in the comments, are you sticking with SVU after this, or do you have a new show on Wednesdays at 9? Criminal Minds, Idol, X Factor, Modern Family, cable shows? Hit us in the comments!

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