‘Law & Order: SVU’ Petition Surges with Help from ‘NCIS’ Cast

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Petition Surges with Help from ‘NCIS’ Cast
January 22, 2013
Mark Witt-Daniels
On January 19, CBS’s NCIS has stepped into the ring with Law & Order: SVU’s fans and rape vicitims who are petitioning to keep Mike Tyson off the series, have him recast, or his episode pulled by NBC. Actor and activist Pauley Perrette tweeted she is a surviving victim of rape and domestic abuse stated she agreed with the SVU Change.org petition – which currently has over 3,500 signatures, mine included – and that Pauley loved SVU.
I think everyone feels the same as Pauley on this, there are some who back the SVU producers decision and Mike Tyson, but it’s not nearly as many who are against it. Perrette’s tweet currently has 199 recorded retweets amongst her followers and 139 favorites; Perrette herself currently has over 400K followers.
So after learning this, I wouldn’t expect to see anyone from NCIS on SVU anytime soon, but as if they could (conflicting schedules). The CBS ratings powerhouse recently beat it’s own series high with an emotional storyline involving the NCIS team, but mostly Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Director Vance (Rocky Carroll), I won’t spoil, but “Shabbat Shalom” and “Shiva” are two NCIS episodes that will knock you off your feet.
NCIS returns with new episodes January 29th on CBS, Law & Order: SVU on January 30th on NBC (but as if people are caring about SVU as much now). How does this fair with you, are former SVU fans and victims/survivors out there joining the forever growing NCIS fan base (if they aren’t already)? Give us your side in the comments!

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